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Bagnol, right semi-cavern
Although the seabed in Istria is mostly shallow and sandy, it has its geological phenomena. One such phenomenon is the Banjol Caves on an island of the same name in front of Rovinj. The entrance to the dark and relatively shallow central cave is at a depth of 5 m. The left cave starts off as a dark and narrow passage leading to a larger hall with an opening in the ceiling, while the right semi-cave is longer and open to strong waves with a partly eroded ceiling. After exploring the caves, the dive includes a saunter around blocks of stone abounding in marine flora and fauna. Dives, as well as night dives, are suitable for all categories of divers.

Marine life

In the central cave, marine life is typical of life in the dark: leopard gobies and anemones. On the walls and ceilings in the left, and especially the right cave, life takes on a variety of forms and colours and species include sponges and stingers, the most resplendent of which is the rare Cornularia cornucopiae stinger. It lives on the seabed and has 8 stingers. Brown meagres are a rarity in the labyrinth of rocks and columns in the passage. Sea fans enjoy the current at the edge of the cave.

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GPS: N 45 04 27 | E 13 36 37 »
Nearest settlement: Rovinj
Distance: 1 nm

Main characteristics

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