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The best diving site in the area surrounding the Island of Jabuka are the Jabuka Shallows located 3 nm from the island. As it is on the open sea, divers should check weather forecasts and choose favourable weather conditions before setting off for the site.

Diving tips

The site is best reached by boat from the Island of Vis; the best position to dive is on the western side of the shallows. Anchoring is on the edge of the plateau/shallows. Descent and ascent should be gradual with exploration of the wall and the plateau at 6 m, which serves as a good decompression stop.

Marine life

Good visibility, blue depths and rich flora and fauna make this an attractive site and dive; a wall abounding in holes and crevices reveals schools of damselfish, marine goldfish, scorpionfish, greater amber jacks, Mediterranean barracudas, bonitos and tuna swimming in the waters around the drop. Smaller species are found on the plateau while the Scyllarides latus squat lobster prefers shadier areas. Strong currents prevailing on the plateau make it ideal ground for fields of Cystoseria (schiffneri).

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 4 56 | E 15 27 29 »
Nearest settlement: Komiža
Distance: 28 nm

Main characteristics

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