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Sv. Andrija

Island of Sv.Andrija
Sveti Andrija is an island lying on the open sea, surrounded by great depths and a clean and clear sea. Dives into the clear blue depths off The Saint, as the locals call this island, is an unforgettable experience. Artificial lighting is not necessary as sunlight penetrates into the depths. It lies 9 nm northwest of Komiža on Vis and its untouched beauty is the fibre of many a legend. One of them claims that it is an island with the most underwater caves and passages, the realm of the Mediterranean monk seal, one of the true inhabitants and mistresses of this underwater world. The cave is on the south side of the island, near the mooring.

Diving tips

Larger vessels can enter the cave’s hall in search of refuge from oncoming storms. At 6 m there is a 15 m tunnel leading to a sunken cave measuring 50 m in length, which has an exit zone at it furthest end. A ray of light indicates the exit zone.

Marine life

Sponge crabs and squat lobsters are found at the entrance zone; in deeper crevices various types of shrimp, notably the antennae shrimp and helmet shell. Life forms in the cave and hall are scarce.

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GPS: N 43 01 19 | E 15 45 39 »
Nearest settlement: Komiža
Distance: 14 nm

Main characteristics

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