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Greben Topovi

Helmet shell (Semicassis undulata)
The Island of Greben, located off the east coast of Vis, is a crag that shyly emerges from the water without revealing the dangers that lurk in its depths and the harsh, lashing seas that surround it. Testimony to this fact are the remains of what was once a clipper – its cannons, which rest on the seabed about 30-50 m from shore. Very little is known about this vessel, which is believed to have been a French vessel. Of the 16 cannons that once flanked her sides, 14 remain, two of which are on display at the Vis Museum. Her wooden ribs have been eaten away by sea organisms. This is an open water dive to the seabed at 54 m; the cannons are visible at a depth of 25 m. The gradual ascent can be used to explore the wall, crevices and small caves. The cannons are covered in algae and shellfish with lobsters concealed be- neath them. The crags found here reveal a rich and diverse marine life – moray eels, groupers, scorpionfish, two-banded seabream and white bream.

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GPS: N 43 02 46 | E 16 15 53 »
Nearest settlement: Vis
Distance: 5.5 nm

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