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Vassillios, mast
For many years the beauty of Vis was inaccessible to many, maybe only confirming the importance of this island throughout history. It was the site of numerous sea battles and an important maritime harbour, therefore, it is no wonder that there is a multitude and variety of sunken vessels in these waters and at different depths, offering wreck diving to novice, as well as more experienced divers. The Vassilios wreck lies in the southern part of the Komiža Bay, near Pt. Stupišće, and at a depth of 22-55 m. On 19 March 1939, loaded with coal and bound for Venice, the ship’s rudder malfunctioned and the Vassilios foundered and subsequently sank. This 105 m giant now rests on the sandy seabed on her port side; her hull, once full of coal, now gapes empty. The interior of the ship is easy to access; the corroded hull resembles a rib cage through which the sea is visible. The mast is still in place. Some believe the sailors sank her, so the ship’s owner could file for insurance money, as this was common practice in those times. The Vassilios was owned by the Greek shipowner E.M. Tricoglu Androsa who bought her in 1938. Dimensions: L=104m,W=15.1m,H=8.7m; 3,673 GRT, 2,236 NRT

Diving tips

The best spot to anchor is in by the lighthouse at Pt. Stupišće, followed by a descent to the wreck at 20 m. It is not difficult to find as its bow rises up to 15 m below the surface; its stern rests at 55 m. Ascent should be from the starboard side, where vertical fissures are a result of her sinking and the action of the waves. The site is ideal for introductory courses in technical diving.

Marine life

The Vassilios is not deserted; living above its strewn cargo, her new sailors are marine goldfish, rainbow wrasse, mullet; she is also home to other fish species and numerous sponges, creating an artificial bank on the seabed.

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GPS: N 43 00 24 | E 16 03 56 »
Nearest settlement: Komiža
Distance: 2.5 nm

Main characteristics

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