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Spiny starfish, detail (Marthasterias glacialis)
Seen from the air, the northernmost part of Hvar that lies at Pt. Smočiguzica on the Kabel peninsula resembles a bird, however, other interesting sights are also found in the waters here – one of them is a site with a witty name – Smočiguzica (Wet Bottom).

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat, which is anchored in the cove. In order to locate the crag more easily, approach the site by swimming to the point. The crag lies 50 m offshore, rises 10-18 m above sea level and drops vertically to a depth of 50 m. A warning to div- ers: strong currents prevail in shallower depths.

Marine life

The site abounds in holes, crevices and rocks with gorgonians and various fish. Large schools of twobanded sea bream are not an uncommon sight, as well as scorpionfish and shellfish on the seabed. The site is also rich in lobsters.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 14 00 | E 16 34 20 »
Nearest settlement: Bol
Distance: 4 nm

Main characteristics

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