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Kabal, entrance zone
If you are sailing west towards the Bay of Starigrad on the Island of Hvar, or if you are sailing out from Starigrad towards Vrbovsko, you will see Pt. Kabal - large crags in the distance resembling a small island in the middle of the Hvar Channel. An extremely interesting site lies beneath its lighthouse – an undersea cave that runs under it.

Diving tips

One of the cave’s entrances lies 5 m beneath the steps to the lighthouse, while the other is at 17 m. A meandering tunnel leads to the cave which is large enough for 2-3 divers. The site is a combination of the cave and wall, which extends from the second entrance and drops to 50 m and a sandy seabed. Exploration requires flashlights, and care should be taken not to disturb the sediment with fins, reducing visibility. The site is reached by boat which is moored at the lighthouse stairs.

Marine life

At first glance, the cave seems void of life, but its interior, notably more spacious sections, abounds in life – sponges, coral, lemon-yellow cup-coral (Leptopsammie pruvoti), and venus shellfish in the crevices. There are many passages inaccessible to divers whose walls abound in minute organisms and larvae fed by the constant flow of fresh water coming in from the opening at 17 m. It is also an attractive spot for the red-spot sea star (Hacelia attenuate).

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 13 28 | E 16 31 09 »
Nearest settlement: Starigrad
Distance: 4.5 nm

Main characteristics

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