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Golublja špilja

Conger eel (Conger conger)
The rocky shores of the Golubinja Cove look like they have only recently crumbled into the sea. The rocky boulders strewn over the seabed is an interesting haven for its residents.

Marine life

The contrastive features of the sandy seabed and the crag are an opportunity for unusual encounters with slender gobies and red-mouthed gobies. A typical resident on the sandy bed is the cuttlefish, but axillary wrasse and conger eels are also found here. The crag with its numerous openings and crevices is a sea skyscraper with an assortment of tenants.

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GPS: N 43 15 43 | E 16 36 51 »
Nearest settlement: Bol
Distance: 1.3 nm

Main characteristics

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