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Zlatni rat

Zlatni rat, pebbly slope
The waves wash across the smooth pebbles on Zlatni Rat; the currents shape its tip to create a unique phenomenon. Diving into the depths off Zlatni Rat may not seem a demanding enterprise; the seabed is unstable and there are no algae or other fixed sea organisms, except for the odd blotched picarel or striped bream. The seabed beyond the pebbles is more stable, better ground for algae and offers more abundant sea life. The odd spotted sea urchin. The females have adorned themselves with rock and algae, and pieces of sea urchin shell. An axillary wrasse hides under the rock. A spindle snail searches the seabed rich in organic waste. The timid myxicola has dark, feather-like tentacles, which it uses to catch prey. The strong current is ideal for filtrators, such as the file shell.

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GPS: N 43 15 19 | E 16 38 02 »
Nearest settlement: Bol
Distance: 0.1 nm

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