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Paguristes eremita
The deep Lim Fjord is a natural boundary between Vrsar and Poreč. It is an ancient river mouth and bed now flooded by the sea and a true oasis of life. The Lim Fjord is a protected reserve where shellfish are raised. The fjord is just over 10 km long with steep hills, up to 100 m high, rising to either side.

Diving tips

The Fujaga Shallows start at a depth of 3 m and then drop steeply to 28 m. As the waters are a mix of salt and fresh water and the seabed is silt; visibility is reduced.

Marine life

The silt bottom is home to a variety of sea creatures. Both the Cerianthus membranaceus sea anemone and its cousin, the Mediterranean coral – similar to a small sea anemone – are at home here. The Lim Fjord is a haven for creatures that filter seawater. The walls are covered in a variety of sponges, among which sulphur sponges predominate. Other species of sponge include sea squirts, red sea squirts, and the Policitor sp., endemic to the Adriatic.

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GPS: N 45 07 49 | E 13 36 47 »
Nearest settlement: Vrsar
Distance: 0.2 nm

Main characteristics

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