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Ribolovac, hull
Many vessels have sunk to the bottom in the Šolta Channel, a fate that also befell the Ribolovac, once one of the largest fishing vessels in this part of the Adriatic. Now she lies at a depth of 28 m on the sandy seabed at Pt. Pelegrin, resting on her starboard side, braving the currents and the tooth of time. The Ribolovac – 29 m long, 6 m high and 6 m wide, is an interesting diving site. A helm rudder and propeller are to be found at her stern. With time, her panelling and wooden frame will rot and all that will remain will be the metal fixtures – the windlass and metal rigging.

Diving tips

This site is not difficult to find, and anchoring is at the wreck. The best descent is from the stern, then around the deck to the machine room and lower decks, followed by exploration around the wreck.

Marine life

Once feared by fish, the Ribolovac is now a refuge for numerous species – scorpionfish, damselfish, cuckoo wrasse and lobsters, as well as a variety of plant life.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 22 15 | E 16 21 41 »
Nearest settlement: Stomorska
Distance: 0.3 nm

Main characteristics

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