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Piramide, seabed
The diving site Piramide (The Pyramids) is on the southern side of the Island of Šolta, near Stomorsko, and was named after the rocks found on the seabed which resemble pyramids.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat; anchoring is on the eastern, less exposed, side of the point, due to the Maestral wind, which blows on a daily basis. The descent is in a southerly direction, parallel to the shore. The ‘pyramids’ lie at 33 m and are reached through a small passage facing west. The second ‘pyramid’ is at 40 m and its tip is at 36 m; the third is at 35 m.

Marine life

Aside from this interesting undersea relief, divers may also see octopi, anemones, starfish, sheepshead and black-tailed bream.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 19 43 | E 16 22 24 »
Nearest settlement: Stomorska
Distance: 5 nm

Main characteristics

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