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Hans Schmidt

H. Schmidt, view of bow
Although this wreck was called ISTRA for years, its true identity was discovered only recently. The wreck is the remains of the Hans Schmidt steamboat. Available data is scant – the steamboat was built in 1920 in Holland under the name the ALBIREO. Sold to a new owner, Heinrich Schmidt, it was renamed and known as the Hans Schmidt until it hit a mine, which split it in two, and sank in 1943. The bow and hull lie separately. It is evident that it was once a large boat (60 m long, 11 m wide) and it makes for an impressive scene. The wreck lies vertically and its steel parts are almost intact. The nets enmeshing the wreck may be hazardous o divers, so care should be taken, and divers should not attempt to enter the ship. Objects strewn over the seabed around the wreck are probably mines and bombs. The end of one life gives birth to new life; this wreck is now a habitat for various creatures, schools of fish, dogfish and lobsters.

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GPS: N 44 54 00 | E 13 35 00 »
Nearest settlement: Rovinj
Distance: 11 nm

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