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Dentex (Dentex dentex)
The Kornati Isles are an example of strong contrast; a magical, silent kingdom overgrown in rare underbrush, which is golden in hue in the summer sun. These bronze-tinged rocky crags and their undersea forests lure visitors to the spacious sites found in their depths. One such site is located in the southeast part of the park, northeast of the southeasternmost point on the island.

Diving tips

The site lies northeast of the Island of Samograd, in the shallows at the edge of the wall. The descent is along the wall in an easterly and then northerly direction to a depth of 40 m, followed by ascent.

Marine life

Strong currents contribute to the richness of marine life found around the Kornati Isles – forests of gorgonians, algae, sponges and octopi, schools of various fish and crabs make this site exceptionally interesting.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 44 44 | E 15 26 55 »
Nearest settlement: Murter
Distance: 9 nm

Main characteristics

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