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John Dory (Zeus faber)
From Dugi Otok in the northwest to Žirje in the southeast, the Kornati Archipelago encompasses more than a hundred islands, islets and crags, 93 of which are part of the Kornati National Park, a large area extending over 320 square kilometres, which was named after the Island of Kornat. They are exceptionally beautiful islands, dominated by the almost mythical giant Kornat, the colour of pale bronze and covered in dry stonewalls, that resemble serpents climbing its slopes. This is a silent realm overgrown in low grasses. The site lies alongside Mana in the north-western part of the national park and offers an underwater wall that drops to about 60 m. The wreck of a wooden ship measuring 6-7 m which was sunk during the filming of Raging Sea (1959) lies at the bottom.

Diving tips

The diving site is west of Mana. The dive starts in shallow waters at the edge of the wall, then southwards along the wall to a depth of 40 m; ascent is circular and back to descent point.

Marine life

Exceptional visibility and an abundance of plankton brought in from the open sea by currents make this site a true exploration of all cindarians found in the Adriatic. The colourful seascape leaves a lasting impression on all divers visiting Mana. Fish species encountered here include the John Dory, the dentex, damselfish and blotched picarel.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 48 01 | E 15 15 59 »
Nearest settlement: Murter
Distance: 19 nm

Main characteristics

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