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Sponge (Ircinia sp.)
The site is located near the Island of Rašip situated in the north-western part of the Kornati National Park. The relief of the crag resembles the face of an old man. The undersea world surrounding the island is rich in various shapes and colours. The main attraction is the wall which drops to around 65 m.

Diving tips

The dive commences in shallow waters northwest of Rašip, down the wall, and then continues southeast down and along the reef to a maximum diving depth. Ascent is gradual and circular to the surface.

Marine life

Flora and fauna found along the wall and drop are those feeding on nutrients brought in from the open sea by strong currents. These include sponges, stingers and starfish. Forkbeards cruise around the wall, while bonitos and greater amberjacks are to be found in the open waters.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 46 50 | E 15 18 03 »
Nearest settlement: Murter
Distance: 18 nm

Main characteristics

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