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Rivanjski kanal

Rivanj Channel, rock motif
The Rivanj Channel extends between the islands of Rivanj and Sestrun and is one of the most attractive sites on the Adriatic. Two crags, rich in life, rise from the seabed which is covered in white sand. Sea currents at the site are not an obstacle, but aid the diver on his journey in discovering the beauty of Croatia’s undersea world. The diversity found in such a small area is hard to describe and hard to find even in tropical waters. Due to occasional strong currents, it is recommended only to experienced divers.

Diving tips

No anchoring is possible due to strong currents at the site and divers open-water dive into the channel down to a depth of 20-30 m. After exploration of the site, the dive ends in open-water ascent to the boat.

Marine life

Very little marine life is found on the white sandy bed due to strong currents; the crags, however, abound in sea life, notably gorgonians of various colours, yellow and purple sponges, soft coral, orange stingers and sea algae, with the occasional grouper hidden behind a larger rock.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 08 51 | E 15 01 53 »
Nearest settlement: Zaglav
Distance: 15.5 nm

Main characteristics

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