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Kampanel Mišnjak

Mišnjak, passage
Even while still travelling down the road leading to the cove there are intimations that this is a beautiful diving site. Various hues of blue, from deep to sky blue, in the shallow waters of Mišnjak and the Island of Mežanj are reason enough to stop and admire the view. Do not spend too much time contemplating what awaits you, but immerse yourself in the depths where nature has fashioned a wondrous and magical sight. On the western side of Mišnjak, there are underwater crags and a diving site called The Kampanel (The Bell Tower) which is home to numerous animal and plant species.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat. The dive commences down the anchor line which is placed at the tip of the kampanel located 15 m below the surface. The most beautiful sights are found on its northern side, which is sometimes inaccessible due to strong curents. If this is the case, exploration should be from the other side, following the current, and gradually down to the walls. There are two smaller kampanels that drop to a depth of 30 m to the northeast.

Marine life

Aside from a breath-taking and remarkable seascape, crevices and holes reveal a diverse flora and fauna. For divers interested in exploring more, gorgonian in a multitude of colours and schools of various fish are to be found in the vicinity.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 04 19 | E 14 55 53 »
Nearest settlement: Božava
Distance: 14 nm

Main characteristics

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