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Mežanj, entrance zone
The small island of Mežanj lies in the vicinity of the north-eastern tip of Dugi Otok and offers interesting diving sites – a sunlit chamber complex with smaller caves and a reef worth exploring.

Diving tips

The anchor point lies at a depth of 6 m and the dive follows the anchor line to a plateau and the entrance zone that reveals a spacious chamber and exit zone. The dive is at 25 m, while exploration of the chamber ends in an opening leading onto a reef that drops to 40 m. The exit is through the ceiling opening in the chamber and leads to the plateau and anchor line. A large anchor lies on the bed of the chamber.

Marine life

Life in the chamber is less abundant than in the crevices along its walls. Forkbeards are to be found in the crag rising from the sandy seabed next to the anchor. The walls are home to scorpionfish, coral, gorgonian, sponges; red mullet scavenge the seabed in search of food.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 05 28 | E 14 55 11 »
Nearest settlement: Božava
Distance: 13.5 nm

Main characteristics

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