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Brbinjščica, cave interior
On Dugi Otok, geological activity has created the largest cliffs found along the Adriatic which reveal numerous crevices, caves and grottoes. One such site is the Brbinščica Cave located in the waters off the southwest shore of this island. The cave is illuminated by sunlight through ceiling openings. The entrance and approach passage are 30 m in length and seem man-made. The stalactite covered ceiling lies above water and stalactites form slowly. Ceiling remains are strewn all over the bottom.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat, or car by driving to the Brbinščica Beach and then diving to the cave. The cave’s walls and the play of sunlight coming in through the ceiling openings make it a worthwhile dive.

Marine life

Absence of green algae and organisms is due to lack of sunlight , currents and plankton. The walls are covered in red algae; like the lobster, they are usually found at greater depths, but due to lack of sunlight, here they are found at a depth of only 4 m. The site abounds in fish.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 03 16 | E 14 59 15 »
Nearest settlement: Brbinj
Distance: 6 nm

Main characteristics

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