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Maun, wall
Maun Island is located west of Paška Rebara. Although uninhabited, it is an interesting island, notably the shoreline facing the Island of Pag. The site is ideal for all categories of divers. Night dives are an exceptional experience.

Diving tips

Anchoring is along the shore facing the coastline in shallow waters of up to 9 m. The dive starts with a drop down to a reef at a depth of 40 m. After reaching the maximum depth, a slow ascent allows for inspection of the crevice and holes in the reef. A safety stop should be made in shallow waters.

Marine life

The diversity of this island is also reflected in its azure blue depths, overgrown in various organisms. The most striking are the colonies of red horny coral which create magnificent tree-like structures and whose colours range from yellow to purple. Fields of Clavelina sea squirts are found at a depth of 30 m and the sandy seabed is home to leopard gobies and the Sabella pavonina which is sensitive to current changes. Divers may also encounter triplefins when surfacing.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 25 05 | E 14 57 07 »
Nearest settlement: Novalja
Distance: 1 nm

Main characteristics

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