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Pt. Margarina, tilea
Susak is a unique and unusual island, completely covered in sand, unlike its neighbouring islands. According to the legend of the Great God, or Veliki Bouh, a large cross was washed up on the island’s shore, which the local Benedictine monks carried into their church - and which can no longer be carried out through the door. The people of Susak have always relied on the sea, and it is an island of fishermen and seafarers. The waters off Pt. Margarina are not easy to navigate and they have been the final resting place of many a vessel.

Diving tips

The site can only be reached by boat and anchoring at the edge of a 6 m deep plateau. The dive follows stone columns, the only preserved remains of a cargo carried by a Greek vessel, and then through the canyon, past a pile of tile shards – also remains from a sunken ship. Exploration of the site also includes the wall, which drops to a depth of 45 m.

Marine life

Due to strong nutrient bearing currents, the walls abound in life. Sponges, Bryozoans, sea squirts and coral create a tapestry of colour. Tunas and greater amberjacks inhabit the open sea, and holes and crevices are a domain ruled by octopi.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 29 49 | E 14 18 31 »
Nearest settlement: Mali Lošinj
Distance: 6.5 nm

Main characteristics

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