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Male Srakane

M.Srakane, exit zone
The groups of islands belonging to the Lošinj archipelago - Lošinj, Cres, Unije, Ilovik, Vele and Male Srakane and Susak – were once a single island. Today, nature has shaped them into separate islands and sites. Male Srakane has an indented coastline with crevices, tunnels and caves on its western shoreline. A beautiful site worth visiting is the Male Srakane Cave. Its entrance is at a depth of 7 m and the diversity makes it an ideal dive even for novices.

Diving tips

The cave is close to shore, so anchoring is 15 m from shore. The entrance to the cave, at a depth of 7 m, resembles a canyon; the entrance tunnel is spacious and ends in a large hall with a ceiling opening allowing sunlight in and revealing an area divided into two levels. The return route takes the same path. Also worth exploring are the cave’s environs that drop to a depth of 20 m.

Marine life

The walls of the tunnel are covered in sponges and coral, the cave bed is floored with large pebbles. Brown meagres are often found on the cave’s ledges, while the area surrounding the cave abounds in damselfish, various types of sponges and algae.

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GPS: N 44 33 49 | E 14 19 39 »
Nearest settlement: Mali Lošinj
Distance: 6 nm

Main characteristics

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