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The Tabinja is a wooden trawler with a gaping hole on its side, but otherwise intact. It once took from the sea and now it is returning its takings. Lying on a sandy bottom, it has become an artificial reef. Inside, the bare and functional rooms bear witness to the toils of bygone fishermen. An unfinished net; an unwritten diary page. And still the Tabinja perseveres; its mast continues to stand upright, ready for a new voyage.

Diving tips

Descent to the wreck is along the anchoring line. The exterior and interior of the vessel can be viewed. Entrance is through numerous holes in the hull. Ascent takes divers past the mast and on to a safety stop at the anchoring line.

Marine life

The ship is home to a variety of algae and other colonies, including fascinating transparent Clavelina sea squirts. Although they look like bags with two openings, they filter seawater, feed on plankton and have taken over at the helm. Inhabitants also include large schools of young fish and small crabs.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 41 51 | E 14 49 16 »
Nearest settlement: Barbat
Distance: 5 nm

Main characteristics

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