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Dvostruka Stijena

Goli otok, air view
Goli Otok, once an island of toil and tears, is a rocky, white and quiet island. Its recent dark past is manifest - bunkers, barracks and an unprotected jetty. Today, all that remains is the silence. The odd visitor comes to remember the pain and suffering; some come to gaze upon the wondrous whiteness of the stone and at Velebit on the distant shore. The undersea world is a stark contrast. It is a place swarming with life, rejuvenation and a delightful and enchanting environment to visit. The barren white rocks are restored to life by the sea. This is a true paradise for divers. One of the attractive sites is Dvostruka Stijena, which is a narrow and long reef running towards the island of Prvić and falling from a depth of 4 m to 8, 10 and 12 m before disappearing in the sand at 45 m.

Diving tips

Anchoring is on an underwater point at 4-6 m. The anchoring line is dropped along the left side of the reef towards the Island of Prvić and dives are along the left side of the wall. Beyond the tip of the reef on its northeast side, depths decrease gradually to 18 m. Large fan mussels lie in the sand by the wall. The dive continues through the canyon and then on to the submerged cave. On leaving the cave, the dive continues on through the canyon and back to the anchoring line.

Marine life

There is a multitude of flora on the reef terraces and the holes are an ideal hunting ground for scorpionfish. Schools of fish float around on the outer side of the reef. Monkfish can be seen at depths of 40 m and fan mussels are to be found in the sand in front of the cave at 18 m. The cave is overgrown in red algae and the sun’s rays permeate the crevices. Diving within the cave should be avoided to prevent damage to the flora. The canyon is also home to numerous colonies of sea slugs and is a symbiosis of anemones and small crabs and shrimps. Blennies, triplefins and forkheads may also be found.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 51 01 | E 14 49 03 »
Nearest settlement: Kampor
Distance: 13 nm

Main characteristics

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