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Galijula Lighthouse
Galijula, an isolated island lying on the open sea between Pt. Kamenjak and the Island of Unije, extends in an east-west direction and is 150 m in length. It is easy to notice as it has a lighthouse and a multitude of circling seagulls. One of the most beautiful walls on the Kvarner peninsula is to be found nearby.

Diving tips

Anchoring is on the south side of the island, about 250 m from shore and the pier, at a depth of 12 m. There are 2 walls and numerous canyons which are ideal for diving. Descent is along the anchoring line and towards the wall which drops steeply to 40 m. Ascent is through an attractive canyon with a safety stop.

Marine life

This site is teeming with life. On the bottom, there are monkfish, electric rays, red mullets and scorpionfish, with numerous anemones and stingers on the walls.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 44 10 | E 14 11 20 »
Nearest settlement: Martinščica
Distance: 8 nm

Main characteristics

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