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Plava Grota

Blue Grotto, entrance above sea-level
The quaint Žanja Beach lies one nautical mile from Lubenice, the most beautiful beach on the Island of Cres. The entrance to Plava Grota (Blue Grotto) is at the edge of the beach. There is a narrow entrance at a depth of 3 m and a tunnel that runs into the cave above sea-level. The spacious cave is an attractive sight and is about 20 m long, which can only be reached by sea. The marine life includes Scyllarides latus squat lobsters, John Dories and thorny oysters. The surrounding undersea area is rocky and steep and teeming in life.

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GPS: N 44 52 18 | E 14 19 26 »
Nearest settlement: Martinščica
Distance: 4 nm

Main characteristics

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