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The most popular wreck site on the Kvarner peninsula is the steel ship Lina (length: 70 m; width: 9 m; height: 5.5 m). She lies in the first cove, 50 m south of Pt. Pečen on the Island of Cres. This 125-year-old lady ran aground during fog in 1914 and now lies on the seabed at a depth of 55 m. Made of steel in Great Britain, her high funnels and mast remains are adorned in lost fisherman nets.

Diving tips

This site is easy to locate as it is marked by a buoy on the surface. Descending down along the guide rope, the bow lies at 20 m. The bow mast stands vertically at a depth of 30 m, the bridge and engine room are at 40 m, and the interior is viewed during ascent to the surface. Experienced divers may descend to 55 m to view the propeller; however, visibility is poor. Ascent is never direct, but towards rocks and a cave at 2m for safety measures.

Marine life

This cargo steamship is a habitat for a variety of marine life. Bluish poor cods seek shelter within the 70-m hull space; a blenny peeps out from an overgrown sea urchin shell. The Lina, engines churning, and full of cargo and the voices of seamen, is now home to other creatures, including brown meagre, sheepshead bream, and the odd conger eel.

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Site depth


GPS: N 45 06 20 | E 14 16 70 »
Nearest settlement: Porozina
Distance: 1.5 nm

Main characteristics

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