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Žigant, entrance zone
The entrance to the Žigant Cave lies beneath the Konavle Rocks at a depth of 16 m. Ascent is possible as the cave has an air pocket.

Diving tips

Anchoring alongside the rock face at the site may be difficult as the rock drops vertically to 50 m. After exploration of the cave, divers can continue on to the entrance zone, which abounds in rocks and various algae.

Marine life

As in most caves, marine life is scarce; the odd shrimp and anemone are found at the entrance zone, which is surrounded by large rocks covered in algae and sponges – a refuge for white and two-banded sea bream.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 24 51 | E 18 29 55 »
Nearest settlement: Molunat
Distance: 3.5 nm

Main characteristics

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