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Amforište, Cavtat

Amphorae site
One of Croatia’s largest undersea amphorae sites lies about 300 m from the dolia site. More than 600 amphorae have been found here. Adorned with shellfish and algae and home to various fish, they have merged with their environment. Once used to store wine and oil, produce from the Konavle fields, they now lie on the sandy seabed, protected by a metal cage.

Diving tips

The site can be reached by boat from Cavtat, but only if accompanied by members of diving centres licensed by the Ministry of Culture. The boat is anchored above the site and, after exploration, the anchoring line is used to complete a decompression stop during ascent.

Marine life

The cage makes this a site rich in fish; divers may encounter lobsters, moray and conger eels and scorpionfish.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 35 24 | E 18 12 06 »
Nearest settlement: Cavtat
Distance: 1.5 nm

Main characteristics

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