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Mrkanjac, life along the wall ,Yellow cup-coral (Leptopsammia pruvoti)
Beauty often lies beneath a dull exterior. This can be said of Mrkanjac, the smallest in the group of islands (Mrkan and Bobara) lying at the entrance to Cavtat harbour. Mrkanjac has a rich marine life, walls covered in a variety of species and is surrounded by blue waters, schools of fish and an undersea world of harmonious beauty.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat which is anchored in the shallows at 15 m. The descent follows the anchoring line to the edge of the wall, which drops to 50 m, and to maximum depth. The ascent should be gradual with exploration of the wall.

Marine life

As the island faces the open sea, and due to strong currents, it is a site with a rich marine life, which makes it one of the most picturesque on the Croatian coast. Sea fans, and numerous fish species, such as red sea bream, dentex, moray eels, two-banded sea bream, combers, marine goldfish, picarel, are found near and along the wall, while squat lobsters, electric rays, monkfish, anemones and sponges are found on the seabed.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 34 15 | E 18 12 07 »
Nearest settlement: Cavtat
Distance: 1.5 nm

Main characteristics

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