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Treća vala

Treća vala, dive point
Lying between Krk and Cres, the small island of Plavnik was once completely uninhabited and used as grazing ground for sheep. It is also a hunting ground frequented by hunters. It lies in a northwest-southeast direction and is 6.3 km long. On the west side, the rocky crags drop to a depth of 38 m, forming an interesting wall with attractive marine life worth exploring.

Diving tips

Descent is only possible during calm seas (and impossible during southerly winds). The boat is moored between two rocks and the descent is along the steep crag to the sandy bottom.

Marine life

Marine life The crags are covered in a tapestry full of life: sponges, gorgonians, Alcyonium soft coral, false coral and an unusually large colony of Sidnyum elegans, which also covers part of the sandy seabed. Currents are strong, so that this is a habitat and feeding ground for numerous organisms. Schools of various fish are also to be seen. The gorgonian, a frequent sight around Krk and Plavnik, is an unusual life form and testimony to the clean waters hereabouts.

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GPS: N 44 58 26 | E 14 29 45 »
Nearest settlement: Krk
Distance: 6 nm

Main characteristics

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