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Mala Afrika

Mala Afrika, view of ascent
This site lies in the southwest part of the Lapad peninsula, between the mainland and Greben.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat, which is fastened to a buoy. Dive due south following the wall that drops to 40 m. A cave lies halfway down the wall, at a point where it drops into the depths. The remains of amphorae on the seabed at the cave’s entrance bear testimony to the numerous shipwrecks here. To the right of the cave, a passage located at 18 m leads to a sunken trawler. Its bow faces the mainland and its stern lies at a depth of 40 m. The whole wreck can be explored – the cabins, platform, as well as the adjacent wall, and it is home to lobsters, scorpionfish, conger and moray eels. Forkbeards are found in the ship’s interior and scorpionfish beneath its stern.

Marine life

This is a good habitat for numerous species: lobsters, scorpionfish, moray eels, forkbeards, giant tun, smaller fish, octopi, and others.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 39 02 | E 18 03 30 »
Nearest settlement: Dubrovnik
Distance: 2 nm

Main characteristics

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