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Sv. Andrija

Air view of Sv. Andrija
The Island of Sveti Andrija lies approximately 2 nm southwest of Lopud. Since 1873 its lighthouse has served as a beacon for seafarers approaching the City of Dubrovnik. According to legend, forbidden love forced two lovers to end their lives by jumping off the cliff and into the depths beneath the lighthouse. Today, these waters are a perfect diving site; the cliff drops to 80 m and a sandy seabed. The sensation you experience when diving into one of the most beautiful blue depths on the Adriatic is that of profound tranquillity.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat and anchoring is in the shallows on the sheltered side of the island, where the depth is 3-10 m. Descent is towards the edge of the wall, which drops vertically to 80 m, and is usually to maximum depth. On the ascent, a stop may be made to explore an underwater cave at 12 m.

Marine life

Pink algae adorn the wall while rare red coral grows along the crag. On the sandy seabed close to the crag one encounters the Hypselodoris sea slug and may watch Clavelina sea squirts as they feed by filtering seawater. Beautiful and colourful Haliclona mediterranea sponges are found in the crevices and the site abounds in fish – greater amberjacks, damselfish, territorial triplefins and maybe even a couple of groupers swimming under the lighthouse, the incarnation of the two lovers from the legend.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 38 42 | E 18 5 09 »
Nearest settlement: Molunat
Distance: 7 nm

Main characteristics

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