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Jabuka , interior
Jabuka is a small crag that lies on the outer side of the Island of Koločep, 100 m west of the beacon and beneath the cliff that faces the open sea. It is separated from the mainland by a narrow 5-metre channel.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat; anchoring and descent are at a small rock. The dive starts by heading due south towards the outer side of the crag which drops to 38 m. The seabed rises to the south to create a ledge, its outer side dropping to 50 m, which may be attractive to more experienced divers. To reach the cave follow the small rock and pass through a narrow 4-metre passage. First-time divers might become confused and veer left following the configuration of the terrain. To the right of the rock there is a small secluded and almost undetectable cave. Its entrance is enveloped in darkness, but once inside you are flooded with a feeling of beauty, fear and amazement as you reach the air pocket and catch sight of one of nature’s masterpieces – razor sharp stalactites hanging from the ceiling – a picture perfect moment.

Marine life

During the dive you are likely to encounter groupers, lobsters, squat lobsters, scorpionfish, conger and moray eels, forkbeards, combers, painted combers, rainbow wrasses, saupes, white and two-banded sea bream, giltheads, octopi, notably during mating and nesting season, fan mussels, ormers and others.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 39 40 | E 18 01 10 »
Nearest settlement: Dubrovnik
Distance: 4 nm

Main characteristics

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