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Goli Rat

Moray eel (Muraena helena)
Goli Rat is the westernmost point on Mljet facing Lastovo. Its depths reveal attractive diving sites whose marine life is captivating in its beauty and archaeological and historical remains – an Antique shipwreck (2-10 m) at the entrance to the Lastovo Bay, an old anchor, amphorae and amphorae shards.

Diving tips

Anchoring is in the shallows at 6-10 m and descent is due south for approx. 20 m by the field of posidonia and to the edge of the wall. At a maximum depth of 40 m the wall reaches a rocky seabed with large grottoes. Ascent follows the same path. The area facing Lastovo is ideal for decompression stops and an excellent site for less experience divers who wish to explore the wreck.

Marine life

A wealth of flora and fauna is found in the holes and crevices and the site is a good habitat for lobsters, groupers, scorpionfish, moray and conger eels and star gazers. Schools of greater amberjack also frequent these waters.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 47 01 | E 17 19 07 »
Nearest settlement: Pomena
Distance: 2 nm

Main characteristics

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