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Odisejeva špilja

Odysseus’ Cave, view from inside the cave
According to Greek legend, Odysseus’ ten-year journey also took him to Mljet where it is believed he ravished the nymph Calypso and dreamt of Ithaca. According to some tales, their love story began after his boat ran aground on a rock and he hid in a nearby cave which is how it received its name. Odysseus’ Cave lies beneath the Veli Grad Peak.

Diving tips

The cave’s entrance zone is deserted and resembles a large well with steep sides; the approach to the cave is odyssean in more ways than one - through a passage measuring 5 m in circumference and then along the seabed leading to the centre of the cave for another 50 m. The tunnel leading to the main hall is 7 m deep, its walls are smooth and it descends to 18 m before gradually dropping to 30 m. The best time to dive is at noon, preferably during the summer months when the sunlight penetrates the cave through two side openings, creating magnificent light effects in hues of blue.

Marine life

As the cave faces south, currents bring organisms such as the Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish. Octopi are found around the cave, schools of picarel and smelt in the shaded areas, and Mediterranean barracudas are also frequent guests.

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GPS: N 42 43 45 | E 17 32 37 »
Nearest settlement: Pomena
Distance: 12 nm

Main characteristics

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