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Vanji Škoj

Vanji Škoj, in the crevice
The sea never fully reveals all its secrets. One that is jealously guarded is Vanji Škoj which soars like a tower on the open sea concealing the Solina Channel and the entrance to Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero on the Island of Mljet, desolate crags whose waters offer amazing diving sites with numerous ledges, rocks, and large, vertical crevices divided by rock. The seabed is covered in white sand.

Diving tips

Anchoring is on the secluded side of the crag, facing the Solin Channel, in the shallows (8 m). Descent starts at the wall, then down and left around the island. Halfway around the crag, you can pass through the fissure in the rock to reach the descent point, or continue swimming around the crag to a plateau, located some 60 m from the anchoring line and boat. Exploration of the plateau is an ideal place for a decompression stop.

Marine life

Surrounded by the sea, this crag is an ideal habitat for numerous algae, anemones, moray eels, groupers and lobsters. Two-banded and black bream, parrotfish and axillary wrasse are found in its crevices, and its ledges are covered in red algae.

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GPS: N 42 45 08 | E 17 24 01 »
Nearest settlement: Pomena
Distance: 6 nm

Main characteristics

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