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Sponge (Haliclona mediterranea)
The southern shores of Mljet offer numerous diving sites; one of the most beautiful is the sea around Pt. Lenga, which drops into the depths, joining the wall that connects it to the small Island of Vanji Škoj.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat which is anchored at either side of the point, depending on weather conditions. Descent is across the plateau to the edge of the wall which drops to 86 m. Depending on the diver’s experience, a maximum depth can be reached, followed by a gradual ascent and exploration of the wall before returning to the plateau and ascent.

Marine life

Diving in the resplendent waters around Mljet and viewing its abundant marine life is an unforgettable experience and, irrespective of how deep you choose to dive, an experience worth recounting to others. Pt. Lenga also abounds in marine life; perhaps the most interesting organisms here are the colonies of red coral; however, as it grows at greater depths, this experience is reserved for more experienced divers. Less experienced divers can explore the numerous holes and crevices at this site, get a close view of moray eels, lobsters, octopi, as life in shallower waters flourishes in different forms – starfish, snails, rainbow wrasse and schools of playful damselfish. As currents mingle and mix here, divers may also encounter Mediterranean barracudas, tunas, garfish and dentex.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 45 20 | E 17 23 18 »
Nearest settlement: Pomena
Distance: 5.5 nm

Main characteristics

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