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The Međedina Cave lies on the south side of the Island of Mljet. The cave is comprised of two halls accessible from the sea. A third, smaller entrance allows access to the cave via a tunnel. All three entrances are not visible from the surface. The cave is not completely submerged; an air pocket extends from the surface to the ceiling. One hall lacks an opening and is an ideal habitat for bats, while the other has a larger opening allowing sunlight to penetrate onto a smaller plateau above the surface and located at the cave’s farthest point which runs inland.

Diving tips

There are several ways to explore the cave, but it is recommended to anchor near the shallows (5 m) and start by exploring the far left and smallest passage, (seen when facing the cave) which is large enough to accommodate two divers. It leads on to the first spacious hall, large enough to accommodate several divers. Divers can pause to ascend to the surface and view the bat population on the ceiling. The dive continues with an exploration of the underwater section of the cave, first the hall, then the large passage that leads into the second hall. Surfacing and explora- tion of the cave ceiling and the larger opening that allows sunlight to penetrate into the cave is also possible. Diving back into the water, divers can then pass on to an opening leading into the second passage and the open sea and exploration of the cave’s surroundings follows with a decompression stop before surfacing.

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GPS: N 42 44 00 | E 16 51 90 »
Nearest settlement: Ubli
Distance: 2 nm

Main characteristics

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