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Bijelac, dive
The Island of Bijelac, the cleft oyster of the Adriatic, lies near the Island of Lastovo. On the surface, it looks like a small island, but at a depth of 10 metres it divides into two columns that drop to 60 m.

Diving tips

Anchoring is in the shallows at 10 m, on the north side of the island, although this is difficult, even dangerous if there is a strong northwesterly wind. Descent is in a southwest direction to the wall. Keeping the wall on your left, descent continues down to an opening in the rock. The short tunnel leads into a small hall and then on to the cleft. Descent along the wall is possible to a depth of 55 m. Ascent takes the same route only in reverse. There is a decompression stop in the shallows with unusually shaped rocks.

Marine life

Starfish adorn the ceiling resembling stars on a night sky, or the ornamented arched ceiling of a cathedral, and gorgonians on the drop are like candles. They create one of the most beautiful fields found on the Adriatic frequented by the most beautiful fish – the marine goldfish. Due to the strong currents, the crag abounds in marine life – gorgonians, wing oysters, turban snails, moray eels, yellow triplefins, cushion starfish, lobsters and forkbeards.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 15 50 | E 16 41 00 »
Nearest settlement: Zaklopatica
Distance: 10 nm

Main characteristics

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