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Zaklopatica, in the air pocket
With the melting of glacial ice, the sea rose and flooded the caves; in one of them Poseidon courted his nymph Corcyra. Diving into the darkness of the Zaklopatica Cave, also known as the Key, the entrance zone is at 30 m, the floor is covered in rock – probably the result of deterioration. The cave is surprisingly spacious and has a ledge and an air pocket surrounded by pink walls. The dark threads hanging from its ceiling are roots of a plant above ground. Darkness and lack of currents make the cave’s hall unattractive to sea organisms. The only safe exit orientation point is the light penetrating into its interior.

Diving tips

The approach to the wall is about 50 m from shore. The wall starts at 12 m and drops to 30 m to a spacious opening and tunnel which gradually ascends to the air pocket in the cave. Use of artificial lighting allows for the exploration of the ceiling. Gradual ascent along the wall leads to a plateau which may serve as a decompression stop.

Marine life

Very little life is found in the cave’s interior – the occasional anemone and leopard-spotted goby. In the zone from the cave to the wall one may encounter red coral.

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GPS: N 42 54 45 | E 16 39 40 »
Nearest settlement: Vela Luka
Distance: 6 nm

Main characteristics

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