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Bumbište, wall
The site is reached by boat and mooring is at an installed buoy. Descent starts at 8 m, followed by a sheer wall that drops to 30 m. Depending on diving experience, dives can be between 12.20 and 35 m. The walls are covered in sulphur sponges, and abound in a variety of algae and shellfish, common wrasse, rainbow wrasse, damselfish, scorpionfish and the odd brown wrasse. The cave – called Katedrala (Cathedral) – is home and hideout to numer- ous two-banded and white seabream, brown meagres, and others, including schools of picarel hiding from larger predators. The site is suitable for all categories of divers. Ascent is along a wall to a plateau and up a safety line leading to the boat and shore.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 48 45 | E 13 51 41 »
Nearest settlement: Banjole
Distance: 0.5 nm

Main characteristics

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